Eastern Wolf (Canis lycaon)

Species at Risk in Canada

Great Lakes-Boreal Wolf (Canis lupus x lycaon)

A grey wolf with historical hybrid origins.

Eastern Coyote (Canis latrans x lycaon)

A coyote with recent hybrid origins.

Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)

Pure grey wolf found in western Canada and the United States

Western Coyote (Canis latrans)

Pure coyote found in central and western Canada and the United States

About Us

The Eastern Wolf Survey is a research project being conducted by Dr. Linda Rutledge and Dr. Bradley White in the Natural Resources DNA Profiling & Forensic Centre (NRDPFC) at Trent University with the financial support of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources: Species at Risk Fund, Friends of Killarney Park, Friends of Algonquin Park, and Mountain Equipment Co-Op, as well as the co-operation of Ontario Parks, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Nature Conservancy of Canada, and the Algonquin to Adirondacks Conservation Association.

About the Project

We use noninvasive sampling methods (e.g. scat, hair, etc.) to provide genetic profiles of individual wolves and coyotes. By creating indiviual genotypes, we can classify canids into one of three Canis types found in Ontario: Eastern Wolf (Canis lycaon), Eastern Coyote (Canis latrans x lycaon hybrid), or Great Lakes-Boreal Wolf (Canis lupus x lycaon hybrid). The main objective of the project is to determine whether Eastern Wolves from Algonquin Provincial Park have dispersed into other protected areas.

Parks Being Surveyed

Researchers, trained volunteers, and park staff are collecting scat samples for genetic analysis from southern Ontario's provincial parks including: • Frontenac Provincial Park • Puzzle Lake Provincial Park • Bon Echo Provincial Park • Killarney Provincial Park • French River Provincial Park • Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands • Kawartha Highlands